Winners announced for hazard art competition

October 6, 2021

1st June 2021 – The Christ the King High School has walked away with the three top prizes in the NODS hazard art competition following a ceremony today (Tues.) at the office’s headquarters.

Najua George won first place and received 1,500 dollars as her main prize. Xezlaina (zez-lay-na) Looby took the second position, winning 1,000 dollars and Anika Cox captured third position and 700 dollars. Both Jahleal King and Jonathan Stevens from the St. Mary’s Secondary School tied for fourth place and received 500 dollars each.

A piece by Fostah Samuel from St Joseph’s Academy came in for special mention by the judges while an entry by Sanaa (san-na) Reifer of the Christ the King High School was named for a NODS staff award. Both Fostah Samuel and Diego Bascom collected the Minister’s choice award. The school with the most entries – the Christ the King High School, which had 29 entries, will receive one thousand dollars-worth of art supplies.