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Earthquakes decrease slightly

April 26, 2016

Recent earthquakes throughout the region do not necessarily mean there is an increase in seismic activity.

That’s according to Director of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) Philmore Mullin.

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Mullin says based on analysis from the UWI Seismic Centre based in Trinidad, when compared to about three years ago, the number of earthquakes has decreased slightly. He says what has changed is the way they’re now appearing.

“Those we normally feel quite frequently have increased in comparison to those we don’t normally feel. Based on records it is reasonable to expect about three earthquakes of magnitude 5 per year, one in magnitude 6 every 3-5 years and those that fall in the seven-plus, we’re talking one every 20-30 years or so. However, the one in magnitude 8 every 100 years or so, we’re seeing that this particular category has long passed a hundred years”, said Mullin.

According to Mullin, the UWI Seismic Unit continues to send out the necessary information and urge governments and the people of the region to take the hazard seriously.

Mullin further warns residents to take heed and do the right things. “Drop, Cover and Hold” is the recommended option.

NODS is further calling for government offices, schools, civil society and others to place increased emphasis on activities like earthquake drills so that individuals can practise what actions should be taken in an effort to save lives.