Covid 19 and Emergency Shelters

May 6, 2020

The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) will be paying keen attention to precautionary measures geared at controlling the spread of the Corona virus at public emergency shelters.

Among the steps that will be taken are the provision of hand-washing stations and ensuring that adequate space is available for families.

Individuals are being encouraged to have their personal hygiene items and be extra vigilant with children.

In addition, there are some emergency supplies that should be taken when going to the shelters.

These include items like basic food and water, clothing, medication, flashlight, battery-operated radio, important documents, baby supplies among other things.

Individuals who take medication are also advised to have an adequate supply once there is a threat of a hurricane.

While NODS is making the necessary preparations for the shelters, disaster officials are urging residents to try as much as possible to shelter with family and friends should the need arise and noted that shelters should be the last resort.

The list of emergency shelters for this year is being finalized and will be made public when complete.